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Master - Lightsaber - Chrome

Master - Lightsaber - Chrome

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JustLightsabers present Master, a beautifully built unique Lightsaber.

The hilt features an all chrome design, with a ribbed handle for added grip. It has a hexagon-like shaped pommel and emitter for a distinctive look, and a covertec wheel for assembling your lightsaber to your belt using a covertec clip.

We offer you the choice of a baselit or pixel technology blade, both offering the highest quality for lighting, sound and effects.

All our lightsaber hilts are provided with a free laser cut acrylic stand.

Lightsaber Features

- Removable Blade

- 12 Lightsaber Colours

- Smooth Swing

- Blaster Block

- Flash on Clash

- Multiple Character Sounds

- Multiple Blade Effects

What you'll recieve

- Master Lightsaber Hilt

- Attachable Blade

- Acrylic Lightsaber Stand

- Lightsaber Charger

- Instruction Manual

Shipping & Returns

e ship our Lightsabers and Accessories quickly and safely Worldwide everyday.

For more information on our shipping services and delivery times please CLICK HERE.

If for any reason you have to return something to us, please find our simple return procedures HERE.

Baselit or Pixel?

What is the difference between a Baselit and Pixel Lightsaber?

We have created a special page to give you the confidence in what to buy Baselit v Pixel Lightsabers

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